"The Man Pan prevents storm water inflow to sewer systems by sealing between the manhole frame and cover..."

"Getting Tough on I&I"
by Mary Shafer,
Municipal Sewer and
Water, Sept. 2006

The Man Pan Strata: Designed for Strength


The Man Pan Strata is so-named for its unique concentrically layered design, which gives it unusual strength, especially compared to traditional bowl designs. The Man Pan Strata holds less water than traditional designs. Less water means less weight, which means fewer broken lifting straps and fewer strained backs. It also reduces the chances of the insert collapsing into the collection system.

Heavy Duty Lifting Strap

The Man Pan Strata has a heavy duty lifting strap double-riveted to the side wall to make it easier to find in the field and less likely to break under the weight of the water and debris in the insert.

High Quality Gasket

The Man Pan Strata comes with a high-quality gasket seal. This gasket attached under the flange is what ultimately prevents unwanted inflow. The neoprene seal withstands seasonal temperature swings that degrade lesser materials.


The Man Pan Strata standard construction is ABS plastic, but it is available in different non-corrosive materials to meet your individual needs. Please call or email for a recommendation and specification according to your exact conditions.

Venting (Optional)

The Man Pan Strata utilizes the patented Red Valve Man Pan Tideflex® Check Valve for venting. The Tideflex valve provides a 20 CFM relief rate, and the flexible elastomer construction will not clog and can take extraordinary abuse without damage.

The Man Pan Strata is also available with vent holes.


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